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What is Sushi and How is it Made?

What is Sushi and How is it Made?

Sushi has it’s origins in the ancient Chinese people’s efforts to preserve fish. They had developed a technique for fermenting fish with rice and salt. At the same time, this process took around one year to three month’s for fish. In the past, they consumed fish and discarded sour rice. This type of fermented fish was called “Narezushi”. Later, people started using vinegar for fermentation along with rice and fish. While this method increased the flavor of the product; it also shortened the time required for the fermentation process. People living in Osaka started using wooden molds to press seafood and rice, and this type of sushi was called “Ozhizushi”.

Sushi as we know it today was developed in Tokyo in the nineteenth century by Hanaya Yohei , the pioneer of modern sushi. Previously, this sushi was called ”Edomae Zushi”. This is because the fish use for this purpose came from Tokyo Bay and Tokyo was known as Edo at he time. This type of sushi can be made much faster there is no leaving.

The Four Basic Shapes of Sushi


A type of sushi prepared by putting seafood on boiled rice  prepared by hand pressing.


A type of roll-shaped sushi made by wrapping boiled rice, seafood and extra ingredients in seaweed


A type of sushi in which seaweed is used as a filling and seafood is placed on rice. We can say that it is the most consumed sushi.


Seafood served alone in slices, without rice.

Things to Know About Sushi

  • One piece of sushi between 50 calories and 180 calories.
  • At the time, it was used to store fish in salted rice. Coincidentally, when it was tasted, it was understood that this taste was not bad. As a result of this method, sushi emerged.
  • The most expensive sushi in the world was made by a Filipino Chef. Wrapped with African diamonds and 24 carat gold leaf. This sushi broke a record by selling for $2700.
  • Wasabi was originally used to kill bacteria and parasites in fish.
  • Sushi means “eating with hands instead of chopsticks”.

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