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What Do Lion Eat?

What Do Lion Eat?

Lions hunt and eat animals in their environment. Since they are carnivorous creatures, they do not eat plants such as vegetables and fruits. Because they divide the animals they hunt with the herd, they generally prefer large animals.

Lions easily eat animals such as deer, gazelle, rhinoceros, elephant and pig. They attack groups that are larger and more crowded than themselves in swarms. They are successful in hunting thank to their sharp claws, strong jaws and fast running abilities.

Among the foods that lions eat, there are also hippopotamus, impala, hyena, zebra. The diet of baby lions and adult lions is different. For this reason, only adult lions consume the hunted animals until they reach a certain age.

Lions favorite food is meat, but they don’t get the same pleasure from all meats. For them, the meat of antelopes has an indispensable taste. For this reason, they go after the herds of antelope they see in the area they hunt. However, they can continue their lives with after animals.

The most disliked foods of lions living in Asian and African continents are grasses. They prever to eat grass to recover only when they are sick. Their stomachs, which are accustomed to meat, may cause discomfort when they consume plants.

In this context, they do not want to eat grass when they do not reach the point of starvation.

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