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Peaky Blinders Quiz

Peaky Blinders Quiz

You can start solving the quiz we prepared to test the Peaky Blinders knowledge of Peaky Blinders viewers right away. Select the right options in the quiz, press the finish button and test your peaky blinders knowledge. How much is your knowledge of Peaky Blinders? Come on, click and start solving now! Do not forget to write in the comments how many questions you answered correctly!

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#1. What is Thomas Shelby’s Father’s Name?

#2. What’s the name of the pub where the Peaky Blinders drink?

#3. The name of Ada’s communist lover is .. Thorne

#4. Which singer provides the iconic 'Red Right Hand' track?

#5. What’s the name of John’s wife?

#6. What is the name of Tommy and Grace’s son?

#7. What’s the name of Tommy’s horse?

#8. What year does the show begin in?

#9. What’s the name of Polly’s son?


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