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Jaw Surgery Before and After

Jaw Surgery Before and After

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Jaw surgery is one of the most common procedures used in orthognathic surgery and is often necessary to correct various abnormalities in the jaw.

If you are thinking about getting jaw surgery, it can be helpful for you to look at some before and after photos so you can see what a difference it can make in a person’s appearance.

Of course, you will want to talk with your doctor to get more specific information about what jaw surgery can do for you.

However, seeing jaw surgery before and after photos may give you an idea of how your face could change if you choose to move forward with treatment.

Jaw surgery is a major and complex orthodontic treatment, which takes place in several phases. During the first phase, the jawbone is cut and disjointed. The surgeon then repositions the bones and fixes them with screws or wires to give a new shape to your jaw. The second phase of jaw surgery involves moving the teeth into their new position. This might involve several months of braces before and after surgery.

The entire process can take up to a year, during which you might experience some pain, discomfort and swelling. Recovery from jaw surgery might also affect your ability to talk, chew food or swallow for some time.

“The best candidates for jaw surgery are those who are facing problems with their bite, the function of their jaw and chewing, or alignment and appearance of their teeth. If you have any of these issues, a consultation with an oral surgeon can help you determine if jaw surgery is right for you.

If you suffer from TMJ disorder (temporomandibular joint disorder) or sleep apnea, a malocclusion could be to blame for your symptoms. Jaw surgery can correct this misalignment to reduce pain and allow your teeth to fit together properly.

In addition to correcting the bite, jaw surgery may also improve the appearance of the face by reducing the size or protrusion of the chin, repositioning the lower jaw forward to give a more pleasing profile or narrowing a broad face. Jaw surgery can even boost your overall self-esteem by improving your smile.”

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