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Concrete Formwork – Deskting

Concrete Formwork – Deskting

What is Desatching?

Before you learn the characteristics of system unmasking, it is important to know what the general rule is to unhitch. Desking is a temporary structure made of flat, interconnected components that together form a form for shaping a concrete mix. The various pieces of the hatch can be made from different materials, from boards to metal plates. Because of the application, we can distinguish wall and ceiling reversals, and because of the material and structure of the lifting and frame.

What is System Decaing and when is it applied?

System Desking is one of the types of desks, and at the same time, it is the most common. This is a mould system that allows concrete objects to be obtained. It is used for the construction of all reinforced concrete elements, traffic stems, walls, chimneys and silos.

How is such a hatch used?

The use of system-based deaccess takes place in several stages:
• sets the area where the structural component is made.
• reinforcement arrangement – for reinforced concrete structures, concrete structures are made without reinforcement.
• Fill the mould with a concrete mixture.
• concrete maturation – this step is the most time-consuming, taking an average of 16-24 hours if a fast-moving admixture is used. The full compression strength of the mixture takes several days.

• Unhatch – this is the offset of the hatch from the raised structure.

• Decking adjustment – depending on whether the raised structure is designed to be horizontal or vertical, it is moved to the next or higher level.
• sets the hatch in a new step
The important advantage of system-based deconowing is that it allows for low-cost construction to be made of large-scale structures by using even small forms that are gradually moved to complete the construction stages.

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