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Ashley Piercing

Ashley Piercing

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The Ashley piercing is a type of lip piercing, and the lip is also a common area of piercings. Especially the lower lip, called labret, and the part in the middle of the chin, is the area where jewelry is worn the most. The care of lip piercing, which is considered both a mouth and a face piercing, is extremely important. Since there is an intense blood flow in the lip area, the hole that has been opened heals quickly. The biggest risk of lip piercing is infections that may occur as a result of the contact of the jewelry worn on the lip with the teeth and gums. Possible health problems can be prevented by means of jewelry with a suitable for the lip structures.

Ashley Piercing Care

Ashley Piercing Care

There are some situations that you should pay attention to about the health of the pierced area for piercing care.

Don’t touch the area for 24 hours after the hole is opened.

See your doctor when you feel any signs of infection.

Wash twice a day with saline solution.

Take a shower for the first few weeks and wash without rubbing your body.

Try not to get hit.

Don’t touch.

Be patient.

Stay away from dirty waters.

Know the different cleaning methods.

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